The Sunshine Bloggers Award

I have been nominated for an award!  Well, sort of…

Let me explain.  The Sunshine Bloggers Award is….actually I have no idea to be honest.  I couldn’t tell you where it came from or who started it, and I’ve no idea if anyone has actually ever won.

What I do know is that the very funny Eric Olson over at:

nominated me and after seeing his questions I thought it would be fun to answer.

I have answered 11 questions.  I will then write 11 questions and nominate 11 other bloggers to answer my questions.  They then write 11 questions….well you get the drift.

So here goes:

1. What have your kids done to embarrass you this week?

Fortunately Maddie is only just approaching eight months old so is rubbish at trying to embarrass me.

2. Did you embarrass them back? If not, why?

Again because of her age it’s difficult.  However, I am playing the long game.  I regularly take photos of her in compromising positions, such as midway through shitting in the bath and then happily tell her I will show these photos at her wedding!  She smiles back at me so I’m not sure she is that bothered to be honest.

3. Who’s the reason you got a call from school about something your kid said: You or your partner?

No answer for this one.  Maddie is not at nursery yet.  But to pre-empt the call I am going to say that it will no doubt be my fault.  I’m currently in the dog house (I kid you not) for something I did in Maddie’s Mummys dream last night.  So either way its going to be my fault

4. What about parenting is still a problem for you? Having kids is not an acceptable answer.

Great question!  Maddie is our first so this is all new to us.  I think we are plodding along well and generally using the motto ‘fake it ‘till you make it’.  I’m not sure I will know when we have ‘made it’ but so far so good.

I will say that that seeing her upset is a killer and I’m sure that will never stop for me.  A recent trip to the hospital due to her vomiting and having a rash that didn’t appear to fade when pressed really hit home how vulnerable she is,  and how there is literally nothing in the world I would not do to help that little girl.

5. What advice did your own father or father-figure give that was useful?

My Dad always used to say ‘it won’t hurt’, and I always believed him.  Injections, trips to the dentist or having my arm re-set when broken were all met with the same ‘I promise it won’t hurt, you will be fine’.  So in some respects that was useful as I always went fuss free to whatever trauma awaited.  I like to think I will continue this stoic attitude with Maddie so she is brave when she needs to be

6. What was completely useless?

See above.  It always bloody hurt!

7. What personality trait of yours do you not look forward to seeing in your kids?

I can be quite flaky.  I often passionately jump head first into things…learning the guitar…learning the drums…triathlons, but once I get all the gear and begin I quickly find another focus and desperately fall head first into that.

I hope Maddie inherits my passion for things, but not my habit of jumping from hobby to hobby

8. What craft/artwork have your kids done that you were impressed by? Anything that made you suggest engineering?

She did the most amazing Easter chick painting for me at one of her Mummy and Baby group.

9. What was the last toy you stepped on, and where did you bury it?

I always said I would not be one of those parents who let their kids leave their toys all over the house.  It was going to be one toy out at a time.  Want another one?  Put the first one back.

However, I am currently typing this whilst looking at seven cuddy toys and teething toys, a baby walker, a jumperroo and Maddie fast asleep on the floor in a huge pile of sofa cushions.  I feel I have failed at the first step!

So it’s not really a case of stepping on a toy, more having to wade through them to go anywhere, whilst trying not to wake a baby that took two hours to fall asleep.

10. What was the most recent request from your partner or kids that you agreed to then immediately regretted?

That ones easy!  Nappy change.

Maddie’s Mummy: Can you change her nappy whilst I do (insert anything here)

Me: Of course!

Me: Oh my God.  It’s like she has done a Poonami in her nappy!

Maddie’s Mummy: Welcome to my world.

11. Why did you agree to answer any of these questions?

To be honest I read the word Award. And let’s face it; we would all do anything for some praise!

Seriously though, it was a pleasure to be nominated to answer the questions.  The parenting blogging community have been very welcoming and I already feel a part of it.  Hopefully someone will read this post, smile, and then carry this Sunshine award tradition on.

So I have answered my questions,  below are the questions for my nominees!

  1. What were some of the names you or your partner wanted to use for your child but that got vetoed straight away?
  2. What have you bought, child related that was the biggest waste of money?
  3. And what was your best purchase?
  4. What was your kids first word?
  5. Do you already have a profession in mind for you kids?
  6. What’s your favourite kids TV show?
  7. Favourite place for a family day out?
  8. Do you have a nickname for you little one?
  9. Do you plan on having any more children?
  10. What made you start a blog?
  11. How do you think your kids would feel about your blog when they are old enough to read it?


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Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any good answers to any of the questions on his post.

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