What I’ve learnt so far

I’m aware it’s been a while since my last post.  And truth be told it’s because I’ve not had a minute spare.  Who knew babies didn’t raise themselves? A puppy would be fetching me the paper and peeing outdoors by now.

So in the 3 minutes I have spare I thought I would do a nice easy post on what I’ve learnt so far.  A bit of a chronicle covering the last 10 months.  We all know the obvious points, so today I’ve done a bit of an alternative list:



I can spend an hour playing with Maddie and one of her toys that sings and talks and by the end I could quite easily push sharply pointed items into my ears.  Even hours later I’m humming tunes about the alphabet and noises a cow makes!


People always told me changing nappies is fine when it’s your own baby.  That it’s not actually that disgusting getting a nugget of poo on the end of your finger.  And do you know what? I agree.  However, the smell, my god the smell is bad.  Surely my darling little girl should not be able to produce a smell that causes dry heaving in a grown adult, but she does.  I would have imagined that your own baby’s poo would be a bit like your own fart.  An acquired smell that is not particularly unpleasant but that is definitely not the case.


Yeah I said it.  I can’t count the number of time Maddie has fell asleep on me and I have been sat glued to the box watching PJ Masks a good hour later.  Vampirina is another one.  And Super Wings is possibly the greatest show ever made.  Each week we fly to a different country and learn all about it whilst solving a problem.  I even have it on series link!


It’s such a cliché but it’s so true.  The best way I can explain it is that each period goes so fast, and babies have hundreds.  So one minute Maddie was sitting, the next crawling.  She was on bottles and now eats solids.  It feels like no sooner have they entered a phase of growth they are onto the next.  And at every stage I have said I wish she would stay like this, only to go on to the next and be even more blown away by how amazing she is and how much I love her.


I really pride myself on never having been late for work, or meeting friends.  If you’re not five minutes early you are late in my book.  Maddie’s Mummy isn’t necessarily the most time conscious person, but add in a 10 month old and we’re lucky to make it anywhere on time.  No matter how smug you are feeling leaving the house with minutes to spare I can guarantee Maddie will have a crap that will go all up her back and need a top to toe scrub to clean up, meaning we are once again pointing at her whilst mouthing sorry to friends we are meeting.


Not an exaggeration.  I really mean this.  Between work and taking care of Maddie I am left with the option of me time or sleep.  And because I’m not a robot I sleep.  Now I’m sure everyone else feels the same and they manage, but it’s my blog and I will complain if I want to.  Not that I’m actually complaining of course.  I love time with her and enjoy every minute we have together.  I just don’t think people realise how much time babies actually take up.


It’s all worth it.  Especially when she learnt to clap, or pulled herself to standing, or tries to say Daddy.  When she snoozes on me during kids tv, that moment is the happiest I will be for the day.  And whilst we may run late through changing a smelly nappy, in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter.  It’s just more time together as a family.  And spending time together is the most important thing I’ve found.


Have you any alternative points people should know about?  Why not let us know in the comments.




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